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COMBILASER project proudly presents the project results brochure

Posted on 19.11.2017

The partners of the COMBILASER project are proud to present the second project brochure highlighting the final results of the project presented separately by each industrial use-case: Hidria, Orkli and TMC.

The project partners have successfully implemented and validated the innovative solutions that integrate three very specific laser-based manufacturing processses  with a ground-breaking Self-Learning System. The new brochure can be downloaded under the publications tab


Posted on 19.12.2017
The COMBILASER’s final wrap-up event was held in Ordizia, Gipuzkoa, Spain between 4th and 6th December 2017.

The two-day meeting consisted of partners discussing the work accomplished and their final preparations for the final review meeting to be held in Brussels on 21st February 2018. The partners also used this opportunity to visit the Orkli factory where the COMBILASER solution was installed and see it for themselves how the solution is performing. Meeting’s host, LORTEK also invited the consortium partners to their laboratories and showed them their latest facilities, which include testing rigs and devices for laser welding, laser cladding and additive 3D metal printing.


Posted on 09.1.2018
In December the last of the COMBILASER solutions for each of the three industrial use-cases concluded industrial validation trials at the industrial partners production sites.

Developed solutions were studied in the 3 different use cases and facilities:

  • Hidria AET (HAET) in Tolmin, Slovenia
  • Orklic (ORK) use case in Ordizia, Spain
  • TMComas (TMC) use case in Blanes, Spain

The COMBILASER proejct employed a two-stage testing and validation process. Prior to the final validation, which as stated ended in December 2017, proposed systems were previously tested in the laboratory scale for each use case. The performed tests were carried out at the laboratory facilities of COMBILASER development partners in form of a detailed simulation. Tests for Hidria case were carried out at Laser Zentrum Hannover facilities, whereas both ORKLI and Talleres Mecánicos COMAS cases were performed at IK4-LORTEK facilities. Later, the developed setups were transferred to the industrial partners' premises and tested in their second stage in real industrial environment (see the enclosed pictures for each UC).

Now, at the end of the COMBILASER project, it can be stated that we succeeded despite some deviations from the initial proposal. For each use case concrete conclusions were reached on practical usability of the proposed monitoring and NDT solutions and their interlinking with the developed Self-Learning System (SLS).

Final validated solutions for each UC are as follows:


Self-Learning System (SLS) integrated with:

  • Spectral signal monitoring
  • Melt-pool diameter measuring system

SLS feature: as prediction tool via leak test to ‘guide’ model - the learning function of the SLS


Self-Learning System (SLS) integrated with:

  • Post-welding inspection system

SLS feature: post-weld inspection system information input at pre-industrial level


Self-Learning System (SLS) integrated with:

  • Laser Power control system.

SLS feature: optimization tool for variable process conditions

The conclusion of the validation stage also marks the successful end of the COMBILASER project. The partners are now preparing for their final project review meeting by the European Commission, which is scheduled to take place in Brussels in February. Experience and knowledge gained throughout the COMBILASER project, as well as information exchange with other similar projects funded under the Horizon 2020 Programme, provides much incentive for the project partners to seek further cooperation. First talks in this direction have already taken part and the COMBILASER consortium is firmly convinced that the established partnerships and mutual trust among partners both form a solid base for further cooperation activities; bilateral, within H2020 or the upcoming FP9 research perspective. 

COMBILASER 5th press release published

Posted on 21.1.2018

The COMBILASER project has published its 5th and final press release. In the document you can find the information about the concluding project activities and the solutions that were developed in the COMBILASER project. The Press release is available here.

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