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COMBILASER project proudly presents the project results brochure

Posted on 19.11.2017

The partners of the COMBILASER project are proud to present the second project brochure highlighting the final results of the project presented separately by each industrial use-case: Hidria, Orkli and TMC.

The project partners have successfully implemented and validated the innovative solutions that integrate three very specific laser-based manufacturing processses  with a ground-breaking Self-Learning System. The new brochure can be downloaded under the publications tab

LASER World of Photonics 2017 in Munich

Posted on 06.9.2017

The European commission, Photonics 21 and LASHARE organized a forum at Laser World of Photonics in Munich on 29th June where some COMBILASER project members were present. Under the headline “Digitisation of Laser based manufacturing in Europe” the program identified topics and activities that support digitisation in the photonics sector. After an overview about research agendas and work programmes by the Commission and Photonics 21, the two I4MS projects APPOLO and LASHARE provided an overview about their innovation scheme. After that a workshop was organized where people from the audience was involved to discuss relevant topics connected to future challenges in the field of digitisation. In this discussion some members of COMBILASER project participated and shared their view regarding the topic.
In the final part of the forum, some laser related research and innovation projects were presented including COMBILASER project. Aitor García de la Yedra explained the main results within the project and especially those that contribute to the progress in laser digitisation. Among the attenders, there were several participants from other laser related projects as Mashes, Adalam, etc. 

COMBILASER promotional video is here

Posted on 12.7.2017

On 11th July the COMBILASER project proudly published the COMBILASER promotional video. The video which was shot at the premises of Hidria AET in Tolmin, Slovenia shows the newly installed COMBILASER-developed application fort he welding of the new Hidria OPTYMUS pressure-sensor glow plug, together with the manufacturing process at HAET which is completely located within a clean room environment. Project development partners give their inputs about technical background on the project (University of Sheffield, Recendt and LZH) and general information presented by staff at Hidria AET and SiEVA. 

The project video can be seen on this link

COMBILASER Hidria AET UC validated

Posted on 20.6.2017
Between 6th and 8th June the COMBILASER consortium completed successfully the validation process of the Hidria AET use-case. The setup installed at the Hidria premises in Tolmin, Slovenia, provides the control mechanism for the welding process used in the critical manufacturing steps of the new Hidria OPTYMUS pressure-sensor glow plug.

The solution that was for the first time shown at the Second Periodic technical review in Hannover, Germany in March 2017. The solution combines a Self-Learning System provided by the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) of the University of Sheffield, a laser-control system provided by 4D, a melt-pool control system provided by Cavitar, NDT system installed by Recendt, with a monitoring system which was all combined into a compact setup by Laser Zentrum Hannover and IK4 Lortek. The installed system will now be runnning and be extensively tested throughout the whole month of June. It is expected that the final setup shall be perfected until end of summer.

For more details see the photos below.