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The COMBILASER project presents a great development leap forward in terms of a pioneering approach that combines all aspects of defect avoidance in welding and cladding processes into an integral or holistic concept.

The vision of the partners of the COMBILASER project is to create a solution that will with its use-cases serve as a model for different branches of European industry (automotive, aeronautic /aerospace, railway, electronics, capital goods etc.) on how to address the ever more demanding standards in the industry when manufacturing products using laser welding / laser melting or cladding processes.

By integrating the industrial laser process with a seamless set up and a Self-Learning module, the COMBILASER project aims to minimize human expert interveNtion and in doing so reduce process optimization loop for new applications. When taking into account the ever changing market rules and increased manufacturing flexibility demands from customers, the COMBILASER project aims to create a solutions that can act as an industrial driver from many European industries in the future.