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The objective of COMBILASER project is the minimization of defects appearance in laser based manufacturing fulfilling the zero-failure manufacturing approach. For that purpose, the combination of these two worlds (monitoring data vs detected defects by NDT) through a self-learning system (SLS) -human-centric system- will be developed. The subjective operator will be turned into objective decisions making use of frameworks that mimic human cognition (i.e. incremental learning, learning by examples…). This will enable a real and automatic self-adaptive feed back to the laser manufacturing systems and its quality improvement.

The main objective of COMBILASER project could be divided into different sub-objectives:

  • Productivity increase of about 35 % in gas valves repairing process due to required re-works reduction (cladding layer and base material cracking avoidance).
  • Allow to take to the market new generation of pressure sensor glow plug 45 % faster thanks to the avoidance of cracking appearance using the developed SLS.
  • Reduce time-to-market of new flame device sensors by at least 45 % thanks to acquired knowledge in previous products manufacturing thanks to SLS.
  • Reduction of scrap parts and wastes in new pressure sensors (for glow plugs) manufacturing processes of up to a 50 % through laser welding monitoring and process parameters control.
  • Decrease the number of flame sensor defective parts up to 75 % thanks to the continuous increase in LBW process knowledge.
  • Zero failure parts delivered to the customers in all of the use cases making use of in-line advanced NDTs to 100% of manufactured parts.